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Welcome to Mount Maunganui Intermediate

 Mount Maunganui Intermediate is an intermediate school with a growing roll.  As a school of this size, the principal and staff know their students and target their teaching accordingly.  

Curriculum, organisation and behaviour management is more responsive to meet student needs and students receive greater access to learning, sporting and cultural opportunities.

With a supportive Board of Trustees, a dedicated staff and an incredibly supportive school community we are continuing our journey, as we strive for excellence, in the education of emerging adolescents.

As a staff, we are committed to building upon our strengths, developing our skills, and deliberate acts of teaching, to maximise student achievement, ensuring curriculum delivery of the highest quality.  

We have high expectations for our students and behaviour, and as the students move from primary to intermediate the expectations increase accordingly. We look forward to another outstanding year in 2015.


Tornado-hit school reopens


Posted at 11:20am Monday 18 May, 2015 | By Luke Balvert 

The new astroturf and few other areas containing buckled and bent metal remain out of bounds, but aside from that it's business as usual at Mount Maunganui Intermediate this Monday morning.

The school, on Lodge Avenue, was one of the worst hit areas duringThursday night's tornado that ripped through a narrow corridor of Mount Maunganui at around 8.30pm.

Mount Maunganui Intermediate's $120,000 astro turf was left in tatters after last Thursday's tornado. Photos: Cameron Avery.

Roofs were torn off, trampolines were sent flying and trees were uprooted, while ASB Baypark suffered extensive damage, with cladding and signage torn from the structure.

In total, 11 houses were reported to have sustained damage, while eight of those were evacuated to friends and family.

Forced to shut on Friday due to health and safety hazards, staff from the school, along with a helping hand from the community, saw a large chunk of the debris cleaned up.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Ministry of Education assessors completed their reports and outlined there were no immediate danger to staff and pupils.

“We put the call out to the community at about 11.30am for a working bee and within an hour-and-a-half a phenomenal amount was cleaned up in terms of debris and plant damage,” says Mount Maunganui Intermediate principal Lisa Morresey.

“The community and staff were phenomenal.”

The school grounds were a mess, with debris strewn far and wide and one of three trampolines from neighbouring homes going through an administration block window.

A pohutakawa tree was split and removed, while a $5000 shade sail was destroyed. But the worst damage was to the school's new $120,000 astroturf.

“It is just heart breaking,” says Lisa of the synthetic grass, which was only completed last December.

“We're just lucky because it could have been worse. It could have happened during a school day.”

With the assessors reports finished, the school is currently pricing up the repair the astroturf and will meet with the MOE, Civil Defence and council tomorrow.

Lisa adds it is going to take a few weeks to work through what the damage is and what is insured.

“It's business as usual today though,” she adds.

She pays tribute to Tauranga City Council's staff and maintenance contractors, for all their efforts in the clean-up.

The tornado went through Waitui Grove, Golf Road, Lodge Avenue, Ascot Place, Epsom Road, Maunganui Road, Owens Place and Baypark.

Fences, house roofs, trees, power transformers and trampolines were all destroyed when the tornado hit the Links Avenue area to Te Maunga.

Five commercial properties in Owens Place were damaged while ASB Baypark suffered extensive damage, with cladding and signage torn from the structure.


For more information about the devastating tornado that ripped through Mount Maunganui Intermediate and the Mount Maunganui community, click on the following links. 

 Mount Maunganui Closed - by Brooke Bath

 Mount Intermediate closed after tornado havoc


By Brooke Bath



Mount Maunganui Intermediate will be closed today after a tornado ripped through the area last night.

Principal Lisa Morresey said she was glad her team had made the call to close the school late last night.

"It's just heartbreaking really," said Mrs Morresey

"We've had quite a bit of damage."

Mrs Morresey said the school grounds were a mess from debris and a trampoline had gone through a window.

A refurbished turf the school had been working towards for five years was also ruined.

Mrs Morresey said the school's own weather station measured a wind speed of 173km/hr.

"We're just lucky because it could have been worse." said Mrs Morresey.

Mount Maunganui College will be open today.

Here are some photos of the destruction at Mount Maunganui Intermediate

Photo/George Novak
Photo/George Novak


Photo/George Novak
Photo/George Novak



Photo/George Novak
Photo/George Novak



Photo/George Novak
Photo/George Novak



Photo/George Novak
Photo/George Novak



Photo/George Novak
Photo/George Novak



Photo/George Novak
Photo/George Novak

Twister leaves school too unsafe to open


By Sandra Conchie



Mount Maunganui Intermediate was yesterday closed for health and safety reasons after the twister caused extensive damage.

Principal Lisa Morresey said along with a trampoline from a nearby house flying through the front window of the administration block, donated pohutakawa trees being reduced to stumps and a $5000 shade sail being destroyed, the worst damage was to the school's new $120,000 astro turf.

"It's incredibly sad as we have been doing a considerable amount of work over the past few years to improve our student amenities. To see our new astro turf, which was only completed in December, ripped up and fences buckled and the hockey goals also damaged is absolutely heartbreaking," she said.

Mrs Morresey said two more trampolines landed in the school grounds from neighbouring properties and part of a roof from a nearby house ended up outside the school's front entrance.

Mrs Morresey said she was grateful the tornado did not strike during the school day.

"I think we have been incredibly lucky as it could have been a lot worse."

Mrs Morresey said she was heartened by offers of help, which had flooded in from the community. "People have been amazing and we hope to be able to reopen the school on Monday."

Year 8 pupils Molly Shivnan and Sam Jones, both 12, were dismayed by the extent of the damage and immediately volunteered to be part of the clean-up team.

Sam said he had seen tornadoes on TV but to see the damage they could cause first hand was "quite shocking".

Molly said: "It's very sad but I'm so grateful no buildings at our school were badly damaged and no-one was injured or killed."

Education Ministry personnel were at the school assessing the damage yesterday before the clean-up started.

Mrs Morresey said she wanted to pay tribute to Tauranga City Council's staff and maintenance contractors, who swung into action quickly.

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